Dungeon Plunder: True Strike Arrow

This old relic of an arrow is imbued with a powerful and permanent sorcery.  It appears as a stone age arrow with a flint tip and a crooked shaft.  The brilliant red fletching may be attractive, and that an arrow this old should still see use suggests something special.  But seeing just how special this lone arrow truly is requires the aid of magic vision.  So long as line of sight exists between its user and its target, this arrow will simply never miss.  On the other hand, the dull arrowhead and light weight means that this arrow does little in the way of damage.

In game terms, this arrow is +20 to hit every time it is used, but it only ever does 1 point of damage.  That one point may be enough to turn the tide of battle, if it is put in the right place, though.  Blinding an enemy, breaking the right rope, disrupting a spell caster – these are just a few of the many uses creative players should find for this accurate, but weak arrow.  And they won’t want to lose an arrow this powerful – watch them hesitate before chancing a shot where they may never see this item again.

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