Kid Stuff Sixdux

The boy traded off some terrain I built for him in exchange for more figures.  Well done him.  He figures he doesn’t need terrain because, in his words, “The store has terrain we can use.”  No son of mine is gonna be stuck using in-store terrain.  I’m raising him better than that.

Besides, terrain building is as much fun as playing the darn games anyway.  To start bringing him up to speed, I taught him the basic techniques of found items and ‘sand and glue modelling paste’.  Together we built a few craters where his Imperial Guardsmens can hunker down.

Then we grabbed a couple of empty almond cans and slapped on accoutrements until they looked like right proper bunkers.  The flanges on the side are foamcore, and the smokestack on the right is from an empty dishsoap bottle.  Those have great texture for smokestacks.  You’re going to be seeing more of those soon.

All these need is some paint and flocking and he is off to a great start.

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