10mm Hills – Literally

These hills are 10mm tall – just enough to block line of sight for all but the biggest miniatures.  Rules-wise they block sight for everyone, but this way they’ll fit into the one box. They are built of two layers of 5mm foamcore glued together and carved to suit.

The different colors serve to make the hills stand out.  These are ‘step type’ wargame hills built to accommodate the rules.  In this case, the rules stipulate that you end your movement at a linear barrier, and the base of the hills counts as one.

I actually like the layered look for these hills; it makes them looks like different strata from the surrounding red dirt plains.  Sort of like the sandstone bluffs you see on Old Terra.
Like this – only less dramatic.

Why not?  If you were going to settle on another planet, you’d probably pick a scenic place to build your home, too.

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