On Transports

I erred in the pursuit of making this sci-fi extranganza as portable as possible.  The terrain boards took up too much space in the box, leaving me with little left over for a figure box.  Then I found these:
Four small craft boxes at the local craft store (Ben Franklin for those of you keeping score at home) for about five bucks.  Just large enough for one faction:

 They fit snug inside the big box like so:

These have been lined with magnetic paper liberated from the local pizza joint – the magnets are 1/4 page ads with the phone number on them that you’re supposed to stick on your refrigerator.  I cut them up and glue them down to give the troops a non-slick surface.
These figures are even small enough you can turn the whole thing upside down and they won’t fall off.  That should save a few dings and scrapes.