More Tens

Those of you that are just here for the 10mm figures can rest assured that we’re not done with those.  Tonight I finished painting up my son’s Sand Raider infantry pack.  These are Dream Pod 9 figures for the Heavy Gear game.  Darned if I can find a link or even remember what they are called on the package.  My son wants to use them as alien planet local tribesmen…sort of a Red Fremen style guerilla force.

These stand taller than the Pendraken figures that make up the bulk of my forces, approximately 12mm tall to be a little more precise.  To level the playing field a bit, I’ve left off the washer bases.  That way their heads reach about the same height.  They are meant to be mounted three to a hex-base, and fielded in four base units.  They’ll be single mount infantry in my game, same as the rest of the figures.

I can’t imagine I’d use these guys for skirmish gaming – Heavy Gear is a giant fighty robot game where these guys play a limited role – there just isn’t enough variation in figure to be able to use them for Tomorrow’s War without modifying a bunch of squad support and heavy weapon guys.  This is part of the reason I’m bumping up a step to 15mm gaming.  I haven’t been at this very long, and already feel that I’ve done everything I can with 10mm.