Goldilocks and the Three Scales

A funny thing happened while teaching my kids how to play Necromunda in 15mm.  We played two different games, one in the big rocket using the standard movement and ranges in inches, and one in the urban terrain converting all measurements to centimeters.

We test drove this WIP terrain – not a fan of playing
on unfinished terrain, but sometimes you takes
what youse can gets.
Oddly enough, the inches worked fine in the rocket ship, and centimeters didn’t work in the urban terrain.  Obviously, converting to centimeters essentially ‘grows’ your terrain, and the rocket is meant to be a small, confined space.  As it turns out, using centimeters wouldn’t work in the rocket, because you’d spend two or three turns just crossing one room.  When you use inches, the confined space favors the pistol packers and the melee specialists at the expense of the long range shooters – as it should be.
On the other hand, we didn’t much care for the use of centimeters in the wide open city.  It made the city feel  way too big.  It took too long to get anywhere, and moving your little doods a whopping 8-cm per turn running?  It didn’t feel like you were accomplishing anything.  Instead, we scaled the game down by cutting the ranges and movement in half.  And that scale was juuuust right.
Turns out scaling down by 50% instead of 60% makes a big difference in the feel of the game.  Who knew? At any rate we’re going to stick with halving all ranges…
Sort of.
There’s one aspect of the game we’re going to leave as-is – templates. 
Hand-painted and way cooler than the black
and whites in the rulebook.

Here’s where things get interesting.  I honestly don’t know how close to the RAW these templates get.  I just printed up the page from the rulebook onto a 5-inch by 7-inch card and used what the printer spit out.  These could be too big for our half-sized rules, and are certainly too small for our full-scale fights, but we don’t care.  They are too big or too small for everyone, and that’s how we balance things out.