Tomorrow’s War: Odds and Ends

Got a couple of points to add to yesterday’s Tomorrow’s War post.  They didn’t make the final cut because the AAR was getting a bit long.  Neither is enough to justify a full blog post, but they are each perhaps worth a brief mention.

The Shroom House

You might have noticed the little red number serving as a farm house.  It’s the new style for my Pocketmunda terrain, bright white with bright colors.  While painting, the swooping red trim looked sharp.  When done, my son though it looked like a large mushroom.  Not the intended purpose, but we artists have to put our work out into the world and let people form their own interpretations.  The red dots are small opalescent beads picked up cheap at the craft store.  They’ll be a regular feature on these paper-mache houses and should help tie the urban board together.

Fog of War Deck

Also mentioned and shown, but not discussed in yesterday’s post is this lovely little Fog of War Deck.  It’s printed off the pdf (available from the publisher here) onto thick parchment cardstock and trimmed as neat as possible.Simple, elegant, and evocative, I enjoy these cards way out of proportion the effect they’ve had on the games we’ve played.