Sci Fi Bystanding Guys

Quick shot of some bystanders for 15mm sci-fi games.  First up, four dudes in space suits of one sort or another.  I think they are all from

From left to right:  ?, HOF57A, HOF86C, and HOF86C

Can’t find that guy on the left anywhere on’s website, so now I’m thinking he might be a Khurasan figure held over from a previous pack?  That doesn’t sound right.
This is some sort of wandering alien holy man.  This sculpt looked alien enough that a simple flesh color would suffice – no need for exotic colors like green or orange or lavender. 

After finishing up the painting, priming, dullcoating, and finally photographing this figure, my son pointed out that when you see it on the tabletop…it looks like a giant erect phallus.  Good call, Warren.  Good call.