Small Box Blues, Part Five

Over the course of the week we have been looking at a number of different strategies to maximize the gamable space that you can fit into a small storage box.  As promised, today presents my own solution to the vexing problem of making a sci-fi interior battlefield with attractive walls, easy access, and widely variable floorplans.  And here it is:


You know, when you get right down to it, my sci-fi battlefield isn’t even done yet. Even with the ad boxes and tree planters that I showed you last week, it still needs some vending machines, more vehicles, a solar farm, telecommunications arrays, more planter boxes, and maybe some benches.  That’s a lot of work to do while simultaneously working on a whole new set of interiors.  Starting a whole new terrain set when your last one isn’t done would be the work of either a maniac, idiot, or wargamer.  Fortunately, I am equal parts each.

It’s been long enough that I’ve delayed upgrading my fantasy figures to God’s Own Scale.  My last purchase included a bunch of heroes and skeletons.  Not many, but enough to build a warband or two.  Before they take the field, we’re going to need a field.  And that fantasy field is my solution to the Big Box Blues: Castle Meatgrinder!

The ground level of Castle Meatgrinder, Take One.
The first step always looks a bit rough.  To give you an idea
of scale, the rectangles are the size of a standard sheet of paper.

This is going to be a fairly substantial process, with a lot of trail and error.  Hopefully, you lot can learn from my trials, and not make my errors.  Before we get too far down the road, though, I’ll have to clear some space from my workbench, so expect a week or so of sci-fi scatter terrain, and then we’ll come back to the Castle.

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