A Wargamer Christmas – The Lead Pile Groweth

For wargamers, the past few weeks have seen all those figures you ordered from overseas over the Christmas break  start showing up in your mailbox.  For me that consists of four packs of Ral Partha’s Blighthaven line, and a pack of 15mm.co.uk’s skeletons and adventurers with some demi-humans for good measure.  That’s a pretty good chuck of lead to add to the mountain.

Speaking of painting supplies, your humble host is going to take a stab at painting at the big boy table.  Thanks to the pernicious effects of peer pressure, as applied by the good guys over at the In The Garage Podcast, we’re going to go full monty on the washes.  This is a big change from my usual method of dry brushing everything.

That should help give the fantasy dudes a more unified look that is distinct from the sci-fi guys.  Of course, we OSR types know that a little overlap in the two can be a good thing, so don’t be surprised to see a death bot or alien monster or two show up in Castle Meatgrinder from time to time.

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