Warren is In the House

Castalia House, that is.

This week over at the indy publisher’s blog, soon to be the best wargame blog on this or any other net, Wargaming Wednesday With Warren.  Somehow I managed to sweet talk the editors over there into letting me in the pool during adult swim.  Now you can read a full blown review of Osprey’s En Garde! rules.

After you’re done, set your link feeds to check it out every Wednesday.  They’ve got a stable of great contributors over there who mostly talk hex-and-chit wargaming.  Cirsova in particular writes deep and intelligent posts about the complex end of wargaming that make me wish he was my next door neighbor.

2D wargaming is something I’d love to do more of, but just don’t have the time for more than a quick and dirty game of Barbarian Prince or Outpost Gamma.  Heck, my copy of ASL is…come to think of it, I don’t know where it is I haven’t seen it in so long.  I hope one of my brothers has it stashed away somewhere.