Temporary Storage Solution

One of my Christmas gifts to myself was this great box.  It had personal hygiene products in it, but I’m a gamer, so did what gamers do and threw that in the garbage.  This box, though.  Sliding top, solid wood, pretty swanky.  At some point I will need to create some inner partitions, but I’m waiting until I get more dungeon terrain done.  

It’ll be a lot easier to figure out what size compartments I need once I know what all needs to go in there.  At this point we are up to:

  • Wizard library
  • Wizard laboratory
  • Bunkroom
  • Dining Hall
  • Mystic Garden
  • Hall of the Blood Columns
  • The Well
  • The Glowing Angelic Statue
  • The Stone Tree
  • The Pool Room
  • Lone Mirror Room
  • Black Altar of Death
  • That’s a pretty good dungeon, but now…we need some traps!