New Project – For the Wargamers

For those of you interested in the hobbyist portion of this blog, allow me to point you to the thing that has been keeping me too busy to throw write-ups on gaming thoughts onto this page:  The Joy Of Wargaming.  With new videos up every other day, it’s been gathering steam every since it first went live back and the end of May.  The example video is a quick unboxing showing a small piece of a larger table of Egyptian terrain, but I’ve got a lot of actual-plays, painting sessions, and game reviews up already with more scheduled through most of July, including some hex-and-counter style wargaming for the diehard grognards.

Most of wargaming YouTube is a strange place filled with chubby bearded guys who want you to be a fan of them.  I just want to share some cool stuff with you.  Which means that, although I’m one of the most handsome of the wargaming vloggers, you’re going to see a lot more of the good stuff – miniatures!

Crazy, right?

You know me – customer value first, my ego last.

Take a look, and if it tickles your fancy, throw a follow my way.  You won’t regret it.