Adventures of the Blackraven

The first game of the Adventures of the Blackraven has come and gone.

In this project, I used the campaign tables from Five Parsecs from Home to generate the quartet of space faring ne’er-do-wells plying the shipping and smuggling routes way out on the fringes.  Once I had personalities and rough characteristics done, I shifted over to Void Pirates  built out a 55 point crew from there.

From right to left we’ve got:
  • Cobalt-15, a sentient warbot AWOL from the Unity military forces
  • Marian, his technician assistnt, a Reclaimer tech who helped him escape with the Blackraven, and who just wants to find her true love
  •  Rusty, an escaped slave from the rust mines who takes any off-book odd-job to keep his belly full.  He is the team’s melee specialist.
  • Lt. Dayne, an arrogant military brat and shooting specialist who is thoroughly unlikable, but too good as his job for Cobalt to turn down.
The preliminary fun presents Cobalt and Co. strong-armed by a Unity agent into finding the most important alien baby in the universe.  He hits up the Tortugastra, a little space station out on the Fringe, to meet a contact, and discovers that a mercenary unit out of the Pelagic system has beat him to the literal punch.  After some heated words, a fight breaks out in the quiet morning halls.
After a furious fight in the halls, curiously absent of security forces most likely due to the Pelagics buying them off, Cobalt-15 managed to put all of the mercs on the floor with only Rusty taking it on the chin.  The former slave/miner took a bad wound and will be lame and gumpy for the next scenario.  On the upshot, Cobalt got the info he needed and the next mission will determine whether he gets closer to finding the important magic alien baby…
And whether or not he should turn the magic alien baby over to the Unity once he does.
Expect a live-play video to go live over at the Joy of Wargaming on July 21st!  We’re up to 40 subscribers already, which has been very gratifying – thanks to all of you who have jumped on board over the last few weeks.  It’s been a lot of fun.