The Wars of the Trossian Succession

Got a new blog that you might be interested in checking out: The Wars of the Trossian Succession.

As mentioned in an earlier post, my current big project involves a bit of the old toe dipping into Napoleonics.  And by toe-dipping, I mean taking a headlong plunge from the top of the cliffs into water I can only hope is at high tide!  Rather than stitch together a string of scenarios using some thin narrative connective tissue, I wanted to run a map-based, grand scale strategic game to generate battles with a lot more meaning to them.

To cut down on the research, I drew the map of a fictional black powder continent called Tros.  To cut down on the creative work I very cleverly drafted some friends into running five nations that march to war across that continent.  The death of the Trossian Emperor has left the land in turmoil and without his leadership the old enmities have sprung back into play.  Some fight for liberty, some fight for the Emperor’s Throne, and some fight for love of the game.

It’s a fairly big project, and deserves its own home on the internet.  The blog will stand as a sort of war journal, or complete record of the campaign at one central location.  Anything more general – figure prep and painting, rule considerations, and overall backstage maunderings will show up here.  As will irregular and brief updates to the campaign status.  Naturally, the battles fought across my kitchen table will feature heavily on The Joy of Wargaming, but for the most detailed and up-to-date action on the bloody fields of Tros, add a pointer to The Wars of the Trossian Succession.