Song of Drums and Shakos – First Runthrough

 It works!

I was afraid it wouldn’t.  My experiments with Flying Lead weren’t a lot of fun.  They power of modern weapons meant that the games bogged down into two static lines blazing away at each other with little motion or forward progress.
Needs more flags

Fortunately, the Napoleonics version of the game requires two full actions – on the same turn! – to reload a firearm.  That means that my first game included a lot more maneuver and a lot more charging into the bayonets of the enemy than my abortive attempts at modern wargaming.

Note also, this is my first foray into proper Napoleonics.  Though I have dabbled with the French Counter-Revolution to get my feet wet, this remains my first real game of proper Napoleonics with Brits versus French on the road from Tres Verdes.  It was a grand adventure that really came down to the last turn, and I’m looking forward to re-fighting the scenario with a few tweaks to make it even more interesting.