Yo Ho Ho

These pirate figures are available from rebelminis.com. they are a joy to paint, full of character, great scopes, who could ask for more?

Instead of going with the normal trend of making figures Brown and dirty flat colorless, I went with more of a 1930s Hollywood feel.

This look is entirely out of fashion in our modern era, but it’s a lot of fun –¬† or perhaps I should say this look is out of style BECAUSE it’s a lot of fun.

A lot of War gamers have adopted the drab and Brown look, which to be fair has always been a part of the hobby. For some reason there’s a growing movement to take¬† cheery, colorful eras like Napoleonics, and rub poop all over them.

We won’t be having any of that in the house of War gaming. Our figures will always be lovely, our tables cheerful, and our games upbeat. The world is an ugly enough place, it doesn’t need our help adding to the misery.