Fifteen Mil on a Deadman’s Chest

Old Glory USA sells this 14-gun pirate brigantine, and you can get one here.

The one I got was of middling quality.

The portholes required extensive flash trimming, and the prow figure is riddled with bubbles.

Still, it is a yuge piece, and should get me one step closer to getting Osprey’s ‘Blood and Plunder’ onto the table.  With no directions to follow, it looks like my crow’s nests went on backwards.  Oops.  I also added a couple of spars to get a couple of extra sails on there.

It was fun to paint, and I went with a generic and colorfully neutral pallette.

With paper sails and a bit of rigging, it strikes a balance between good looking and useful playing.  The bottom spars could stand to have furled sails slung underneath, but that would make it harder to get cannons and figures in there.

So there is your fourteen gun sloop. A nice little resin model from Old Glory.