More Mounted Goblins

The goblin cavalry force compiled for use with the “Dragon Rampant” fantasy skirmish rules proved to be smaller than anticipated.
They just don’t need a whole lot of special rules, and most cavalry units clock in at 4AP. For a standard, 24 AP game, you’ll need six units. Until recently, I had one unit of each of the five types of mounted unit.

While browsing the Pendraken website for MDF buildings – did you know they make buildings for 15 mm? – I discovered that they also sell a unit of 15 mm goblins mounted on wolves. The perfect supplement to my forces!

But how well would this unit look next to the rest of my figures, which are exclusively from Splintered Light Miniatures?

Pretty good as it turns out. Here you can see left, front, and right, with Splintered Light on the left and Pendraken on the right in each pair.

Pendraken’s wolves are a little slimmer, and their goblins a little chunkier, and instead of pointy little chins they have the massive under bite of classic G-Dubs era orcs. They also have thicker spears and hold their shields in the opposite hand. All of these features help to distinguish it as a separate unit of spear goblins. And if I ever do need one large unit of twelve, I’m good to go!