More On The Baby Bust

The hypothesis: “something” is causing a drastic reduction in the number of babies being born in the US.

In my last post, I demonstrated that the numbers for Hawaii in June are anomalously low.  The state of North Dakota reports a similarly troubling trend.  But we are not climate scientists, nor are we being paid to prove that experimental gene therapy injections are perfectly safe and have no side effects worth mentioning.  Unlike those scientists, we accept data that doesn’t fit our theories.  It’s just hard to find any.

At least one State serves as a example.  Let’s look at the numbers reported by the State of Oregon:

In one State at least, the reported numbers show an increase heading into the summer months.

These are not easy numbers to find.  There are plenty of websites dedicated to providing statistics on births, but getting your hands on the raw numbers is a much harder prospect.  Particularly if you are looking for relatively recent data.  Most States have data available through the end of 2021 by now, but very few provide quarterly updates.  Maybe that’s the search engines directing me away from the raw numbers?

Whatever the reason, so far Oregon is the only State I’ve found that bucks the trend.

On the other hand, Florida provides this handy graph:

That June number is a single month drop of over 10,000.  The cratering from 17,274 to 7,233 represents a drop of 58%.

So that makes three out if four States in which “something” very strange is happening.