Hunger Stones

Can we think about this one for a second?

Forget academia and the supposed experts.  Let’s just think about this.

The modern media outlets aren’t wasting a chance to use this interesting little bit of historical interest to gin up support for their molochian plans.  Every news story includes a bit of theme and variation on the idea that the exposure of these stones via the natural variability of weather and climate serves as yet more proof of muh climate change.

But here’s the question all thinking men should ask: if the water levels were low enough for men to place these stones at a time when cheap energy couldn’t have caused those low water levels, then why does the sight of them prove that cheap energy causes low water levels.  They fell in the past, they fell this year, they will fall in the future.

If the stones prove anything it is that climate change has always been with us, and efforts to push the pods and the bugs and the mass transit serve no climatological purpose.