Figure Catchup

Alternative armies has a great little selection of character models that I havne’t done justice.  In addition to a nice fat demon lord, I’ve added a NotMing The Merciless and totally not Dejah Thoris to my collection.

They also have a fun little collection of elementals.  The air elemental is shown here next to a Khurasan spearman for scale.  They would work just as well in 28mm scale if that’s your jam.

I tried to add a touch of black to the tips of the Heatmiser here.  It’s okay, but would probably have worked better on a larger figure.  The transition from yellow to red is enough on a 15mm figure.

And as part of my burgeoning love of Warhammer Fantasy (Six Only, Please), I needed to upgrade my banner game.  So now both my Dark Elves and Skeletons have four complements of leaders – banner, musician, and champion – which should help beef up my point costs for units.  At 10 points per model, this lets me add another dozen figures to each army without really taking up more room in storage.  The extra hundred and twenty points per army should also let me finally crack that 1,000-point battle barrier that I’ve struggled with.