Pushed Out of the House of Cards

From the “They’re Not Sending Their Best Files” comes today’s general attitude among the moneyed class that all brands must participate in the Holy Modernist Month of June.  You know which of the deadly sins we are supposed to celebrate instead of celebrating something good and beautiful and true.  You also know how bad and ugly and false the celebrations of the new globalist religion are so there’s no need to belabor that old point.

Instead, let’s take a look at one of the ways in which the nuReligion has chosen to ‘punish’ those who refuse to participate in the celebration of Mammon.  They think they are taking away our toys, and that by turning the brands full gaypedo they are destroying the identities of those who resist..

And in a way, they are.

A lot of people out there base their identity around their favorite brands:

  • The Bud Light Guy
  • The Ford Guy versus the Dodge Guy
  • The Good at D&D Guy
  • The Chanel Gal
  • The Pro Sports Fan
  • The Target Shopper

You can no longer associate with those brands if you don’t want children sexualized and abused and pushed into the arms of a medical complex dedicated more to making money, even at the expense of children, than it is to healing mental and physical illnesses*.

But here’s something to think about; how long has that been a thing?  Less than a hundred years, maybe?  If you step back and look at how products and brands and advertising have evolved over the last ten thousand years…this notion of shaping your identity around something so trivial as a brand of cereal is a relatively new development.  We didn’t weren’t like this in the past, and we don’t have to be like this in the future.

This just might be a blessing in disguise.

Readers of this blog already know that Great Brands business model relies more on free credit and the fiat dollar rather than consumer loyalty or delivering a good product at a reasonable price.  Free credit and the fiat dollar won’t last forever, and look to be crumbling here in our time.  Which means abandoning them now and adopting replacements just advances the timetable a bit.  Those who do will be well ahead of the game once the dollar falls.  They’ll already have circles and tribes to rely on when Consoomers find themselves abandoned.

As the inheritors of the heavy debt laid on us by the Boomer generation, half of us are being forced to look elsewhere for our tribe.  We may retreat to the identities that marked our great-great grandparents, such as Catholic or Southern or Freemason (ew).  This may take the form of ad-hoc semi-organizations like the one for which I was leader for some years; you may remember a little thing called Gamergate.  Now there was a tribe without a brand.  It may take the form of the frens we made along the way.

Whatever the future holds, the people pushing you away from the brands you grew up loving are doing you a favor.  You’re getting out of an abusive relationship, and the ones you build to replace it will be so much better for you and for the world around you.

*A useful reminder that taking medical care out of the hands of religious charities – Catholic, Protestant, and yes even Jewish – was a huge win for the satanic organization known as Freemasonry and a huge loss for humanity.