Complete Mini-Megadungeon

Just in time for DMs day, here’s my present to all you hard working, handsome, and under-appreciated DMs out there in internet-land.  With all 14+ levels of the Mini-Megadungeon are complete, I went ahead and bundled all of the relevant posts into a single PDF document for ease of printing and reference.

As an added incentive to look this free 22 page dungeon setting over, I’ve updated the introduction and added some new material.  The biggest block of material consists of a lengthy list of rumors associated with the dungeon to help your adventurers know what to expect when they delve into the depths of the biggest little dungeon around.

Consider this my way of giving back to the community from whom I’ve stolen so much material for use at my table. Remember, though,this wouldn’t have been possible without the genius of Dyson Logos.  If you want cool free stuff like this to keep coming, head over to his Patreon campaign and throw him a few bones.

I think that Scribd is the easiest way to make this available to all and sundry.  If you’re interested in a copy, but that isn’t working, let me know.  We’ll work something out.