The Backlog – Fat and Happy

The  year of our Lord 2017 was a banner year for the #PulpRev crowd.  In addition to picking up a lot of new talent, and a lot of established talent, the Bad Kids Table in the sci-fi cafeteria produced more great content than one man could possibly read.  After a nearly decade long dry spell, my personal backlog continues to grow – both in novels and short story collection form.

Moving in to 2018 I’ve got a list that looks like this:

And that’s just what’s out right now.  We’re going to see all of these authors drop more books in 2018, and we haven’t even gotten to the Magazines:

  • A couple of Cirsova, naturally
  • A couple of StoryHack, for obvious reasons
  • Maybe even a Broadswords and Blasters issue.  I’ve been remiss in not giving them a shot.  They edge a little too close to being ashamed of liking the bad old authors that I love, but we’ve bounced ideas around on Twitter, and they seem like a good crew.

I’m missing a few, I know it.  There’s just too much good stuff out there to remember it all in one sitting, and together we’re going to have a great time exploring and discussing all of it.

Here’s hoping your 2018 is as jam packed with great reading as mine is shaping up to be!