Trollopolous Lives!

Things are getting a little crazy over in Trollopolous and her nearby provinces.  The besieging orcish army, leaderless after the capture of their demon-queen, has quit the field, and that only made things worse.

Jeffro’s AD&D campaign-by-the-book has kicked into high gear with a week of Braunstein style faction play featuring a number of different factions.  This is an always-on game of D&D in which events are on-going, and most of the factions are run by actual players – even when they don’t have a table-session character affiliated with that faction.  Yes, some of the players have characters that are working at cross purposes to each other. 

 It’s bretty nutz.

I’m not a participant, just a guy fanning the flames, and here’s what I’ve been able to piece together so far:

  • Chaz The Elf is leading a massive elvish push to secure the city for the King of Elfland
  • Somebody has stirred up the goblins by funding Goblin Lives Matter riots which routinely target the AEI stores (Adventurer Equipment Inc.) for looting and pillaging
  • John Wick, Regent to Prince Elric, has vowed to secure the peace by any means necessary and has declared a curfew for the whole city exempting only the Trollops, the city’s most important export
  • Fluid the Druid is working to eco-nuke the whole city from orbit
  • The United Caveman Federation is a federation of peace
  • The Church of Saint Cuthbert has been quiet, but they are Up. To. Something. (And run by an actual, real-world, not-even-kidding Catholic Priest!)  [Edit:  Oops.  Wrong campaign.  That’s in the Waterdeep Session Reports.]
  • The queen of Mount Glovermore is an NPC with a faction out in the hinterlands
  • There’s something going on in the City of the Dead, but I’m not sure who runs that qurater or if he is even still alive…undead…uh, I’m not sure if he’s still kicking
And frankly, I have no idea who to root for in this mess.
There are a few low-key wildcards out there.  For example, Rhedegar is a blade for hire currently keeping the peace at the Prancing Umber Hulk Inn.  SaruMachoMandalf has made an appearance, but I have no idea what he’s up to.  And there are more out there that I’m missing.

There is no central location for information.  Just like the real world.  The Trollopulous News Network is unreliable.  Just like the real world.  And you have to sift through everyone’s own personal biases to obtain any information that you can use in your own life.  Just like the real world.
Combine that with a wealth of meme-dumping geniuses and you’ve got the makings of the the most gripping RPG campaign currently being shared across sociable media.  
For a good time, click the links.  Do your research.  
Where We Go Fun, We Go All In.
Oh, and remember to watch out for Sarn Idh.  He keeps getting away with it.