Gathering No Moss

Huge events keep grinding away out there in clown world, but your humble host has too much work to pay more than passing attention to it.

Feels good, man.

Taking Jordan “Ciderman” Peterson’s advice, I’ve spent the bulk of my free time completely renovating my bedroom.  If you want to make the world a better place, start local, and it doesn’t get more local than the master suite. When everything is said and done I may even come out of it with a wargaming corner of my own.

Meanwhile, my moments of relaxation have been filled with the usual craft table exploits.  After a few successful runs of Chainmail, it is time to add heroes and generals to the mix.  Which is a bit of a challenge when you play the game in 2 mm scale. Probably is that both of these elements need to be full-blown characters, and making a distinct character in 2 mm is…well.

If it can be done, I gave up trying to figure out how. Instead, I decided to cheat. My heroes and wizards in generals are larger than life. To achieve that look I mounted 3 mm scale figures on half-inch washers.

These figures are all from Microworld Games. Unfortunately the four factions they have available are orcs – as seen above – elves, dark elves, and dwarves.

In the next photograph you can see that I have painted the dark elves in the purple and crimson of my undead army. The lizard riding champions will be a good pairing with the fellow beast dark riders, and at this scale who’s to say that those aren’t skeletons in the robes. Best of all they have a number of wizardly looking boys.


And finally we have the elves.  They have some really nice characters in 3 mm. At this point a part of me wishes I would have done the whole shebang in 3 mm instead of 2 mm. But then of course I would have been tempted to do the characters in six millimeter scale.

In the shop below you can see a comparison of the 2mm regular infantry on the far left, 3 mm Bannerman and characters in the center, and then over on the far right are 2mm horse-drawn chariots by Irregular.

The scale is recognizably different, but it looks sharp and recognizable on the table. That champion in the front is distinct from the wizard behind him, even at arms length.

Please won’t see the table until the room is painted furnished and finished. No telling how long that will be, given that my house is more of a money pit than expected, but we’ll get there. If you read this far thanks for accompanying me on the 2021 journey, and look forward to an incredibly fun 2022 when it comes to the Joy of Wargaming.