Pedestrians Double Crossing

On those rare special occasions when your driver actually walks away from a wreck, you need a figure for the other cars’ aim.  Caesar Miniatures sells a box of Modern Militia (Asian and Somali Militia) that should serve just fine.  A lot of these guys are obviously Arab terrorist types with AK-47s and turbans and whatnot.  They’ll look fine on the table top when painted up right.  I’m thinking flashy logo apparel.  One guy has a balacalava that looks exactly like the ones NASCAR drivers wear under their helmets, so he’s good to go.
These little guys are 1/72 scale, so the scale is a little bit off.  But Matchbox cars have a pretty fluid scale themselves.  If you don’t think about it too hard, they fit in just fine.  Thinking about using The Dip technique.  I actually prefer to drybrush white, then block in colors and dry brush one or two layers of lighter color for highlights, but that would mean buying three times as many colors, and I just don’t have room for that.  So it’s The Dip for me.  Stay tuned and I’ll try and post a walk-through of the technique.
I had to special order this box from my new favorite hobby shop, Weller’s Hobbycraft.  Right now I’m painting up 10 of the 36.  While writing this post, I realized that some of my 10 cars have gunners, so I may have to prime up a few more extras.  I’d paint up the whole box for pedestrian on vehicle mayhem, but they won’t all fit inside the One Box to Rule Them All.

Next Up: Gunfight on Madison Avenue