Big Project Blues

The problem with big projects like city scapes is that you do so many repetitions of the same work.  Take these shots, for instance:

Two more buildings base coated and ready for The Dip.  But we’ve seen this before, haven’t we.  The only real new thing in this shot is the tablecloth, and nobody’s coming to a wargame blog for a tablecloth show.  (Yes, yes, unless we’re talking about a table cloth that makes a good terrain drop cloth.  Work with me here people.)

At this point this blog is more like a wargame version of those weight loss blogs:  Here look, I’ve lost another pound.  Whoop-de-doo.  Call me when you’re ready for your close up for Mr. DeMille.  Well, I’m still four completed city blocks away from that.  Just bear with me and hopefully we’ll get this bad boy knocked out and up on Ebay before the end of the year.