Pendraken Homo Rodentia

Pendraken’s line of stupid, stupid rat creatures has a lot of variety to it. The six types of rat things that came in my dungeon pack assortment barely scratch the surface, but they fit my needs just fine. The gun and bomb wielding packs don’t jive with the dark age feel of my current D&D campaign. The ratmen carrying the ghetto-blasters are right out.

These assasins and spear-rats definitely jive with it, though.  Click on the picture for a bigger view, and you can see the greenish poison dripping from their daggers.   You should also be able to see that each cloak has a different color trim to it, as well.

FR3: Large rats with daggers

FR11: Small rats with polearm

For those of you following the megadungeon posts, these guys are going to fill in for the goblins on Level 1.  Nothing changes but the miniatures and the feel of the unknown.  A couple of the crew know all about goblins, and just swapping out this miniature should go a long way towards adding some mystery and danger to an otherwise standard goblin murder run.
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