Kid’s Stuff Fourdux

The boy thinks he can trade some Tau terrain for more Imperial Guardsmen, so I spent a day knocking together some random bits of junk from around the house and this is the result.

On the left we have a deodorant package with some disposal razor blade handles glued to it.  The center power station thingy is the top of a dish soap bottle with five blade covers glued to it, and a super glue cap to top it off.  The right building is a flower pot and a large syringe cover detailed with more razor handles and platicard.  This will only look like a bunch of junk glued together until first coat of paint.  Then it’ll look like a bunch of junk glued together with a coat paint on it. 

But!  Once the detailed painting is wrapped up, then it’ll look like home sweet home to a band of Tau.