Dungeon Plunder: The Leech Wand

Feel free to print this up
and give it to your players
when they find this ‘treasure’
in a hoard somewhere.

Welcome to Dungeon Plunder, a new series of blog posts.  Each one details a magic item that you can use in your campaign, complete with history, rules, effects, and pretty pretty pictures.  The first piece of dungeon plunder is a magic item that might force your players to make some hard choices.

The Leech Wand is a magic wand with a handle carved to represent a big fat leech.  To activate it, you grip the back end of it in the palm of your hand, point the business end at a single target, and squeeze the handle good and tight.  The wand will latch onto your palm and suck out a few ounces of your blood (1d4 damage worth).  At the same time it does this, it will drain even more blood from the target (no save), who takes 3d4 damage from the blood loss.  Sated, the wand will not work again for at least another 12 hours.

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