Full Table Look-See

For 10mm miniatures, nine square feet of table space is more than enough room for battle.  With a standard six inch move for the fast figures it’ll take six full turns to cross the table, not counting detours to avoid terrain.

To keep the colors as consistent as possible, I painted up the eight perimeter tiles in one fell swoop.  To keep the colors bright, I dry brushed the sand white after the dark brown spray paint.  Spots of the white paint remained after drybrushing up the reddish tints, so it looks like this is a cold weather sort of planet what with all the snow tucked into the little nooks and crannies.

As of right now, this table still looks a little too open.  The aliens are going to need more terrain if they want to survive to get into melee with the colonists.  We’ll see what else I can cook up.  Maybe a landing pad, more rocks, and more plant life are in order.  And some sort of alien artifact, too.  That could be fun.

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