Fields For Battle

Yep.  So.  Got some paint on the farm fields.  Just need some dull coat to take the shine down a notch.  These fields give me three easily stored square-ish terrain blocks that will do a fine job blocking line of sight and travel times for ground pounders.

This one has static grass sprouts in the rows, but they
don’t photograph well.

They look just fine, but a word of warning on a product that doesn’t work very well for these applications.  Normally, I use a watered down craft glue to fix the sand covering in place.  This time around, instead of craft-style white glue, I grabbed a product called “Mod Podge“.  My daughters use it for their Littlest Pet Shop trinkets, and it looked like it wouldn’t require watering down.  Skipping a step made it look like it was worth a shot.

Like an idiot, I didn’t read the not-so-fine-print.  Turns out that this stuff is high gloss (though you can buy a matte finish version).  Regardless, this stuff dries too fast for my tastes, and doesn’t take to the acrylic paints well at all.  It took several coats of paint to cover the shine, which completely negated the time saved by not having to water it down.  Lesson learned.

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