Session 8 – Slaad Clown Faces, Part Two

Way behind on these write-ups.  Time is tight, and given the choice between actual gaming and talking about gaming on the internet, I’ll take the former over the latter any day.  What do you think I am, some sort of degenerate?

When last we left our plucky heroes, they had barely escaped nasty fight with a family of slaads with their lives.  In the aftermath of the fight, Grim the Rogue managed to secure the deed to the Sleeping Dragon Inn, and then retired to Beyd’s Portable Watering Hole (a mobile tavern for the 14 wagon caravan) with Yolo the elven fighter for a nice comy rest.  Gilgamesh the tiefling necromancer and Karren the dragonborn fighter elected to sleep inside the inn’s main room for the night – to better keep an eye on the known cultists abed upstairs.  The stench of the recently slain slaad would keep them alert enough to respond rapidly to an attempted assassination attempt by one of the cultists.

Big mistake on the part of the cultists.  The assassins – whose crossbow bolts from the dark shadows missed by a wide mark – fled for the safety of the upstairs room, but were quickly cut down by an enraged necromancer who had managed enough of a short rest to warm up a spell or two.

The scuffle alerted the rest of the wagon train to strange doings, and after long minutes of recriminations and counter recriminations, the wagon master had enough.  “We’re leaving this accursed Inn in ten minutes!” he thundered.  And so the party, the cultists, and the story lumbered onwards towards the first safe rest in long weeks at a little place called Candlekeep.