One Hour Wargame Big Box – Complete!

Three and a half months early, the One Hour Wargame Big Box is complete.  Sort of*.

The Rules as Written call for a maximum of three feet of road way.  One piece of bass wood from the local craft store gives you enough material to make a much more flexible amount of roadway.  I went ahead and built up a fork, crossroad, tight curve, and a couple more random lengths.  You never know – this box might work well with my 10mm fantasy figures for skirmishing as well.

Here’s a shot of the road where it meets the river and bridge with the medieval farmhouse for as well.


One more close-up.

* If you’re a wargamer, you know these things are never really done.  At some point I’d like to make some scatter terrain like a circle of standing stones or a wizards tower.  Maybe a few isolated trees and rock outcrops.  And this terrain would work well with a matched pair of dark ages armies, too.  The possibilities are limited, but the hours are not.  So for now…it’s time to actually use this stuff.