Black Ops Battle Photos

The last Black Ops battle fought in the Abox house pitted a group of Prang! trying to capture and contain a force of Octopods.  This time around we switched the sides.

The Prang! started out in the center of the board, with the Octopods on the outskirts.  It didn’t go well for the Octopods because we did the points backwards.  Halfway through the lopsided victory we realized that we didn’t account for the rule that gives the guys escaping two-thirds the points of the guys trying to stop them.  When the guys escaping have the extra 25 points worth of troops, it turns into a steamroller.

Four small squads of Octopods put up a good fight…

Even seizing the high ground…

But the Prang! made straight for the nearest exit point…

Leaving a sacrificial two-man fireteam behind to slow down pursuers.

The pair met a grisly end, but..

…their sacrifice was not in vain and their names and heroism will be sung down through the generations.  They bought enough time for the Prang! to move the rest of the force off-board.  Six professionals including a leader and heavy can easily steam roll two fanatics even if they are backed by their leader.  Even considering the extra points they brought to the table, the Prang! walked away with this one – both figuratively and literally.
On a side note, this has been the best month ever for traffic on this blog.  Thank you all for swinging by the Box – the more you guys look, the more I want to show.