A Brief Introduction

Welcome to one man’s attempt to cast off the shackles of the corporate cubicle farm and start a new life as an independent author, voice talent, and freethinker. There are a host of articles smeared across the internet providing inspiration, advice, and nuts and bolts instructions on every step of the process, and this blog is happy to join in the chorus. It is an informal log of the ups and downs, the blind alleys and dead ends, and the victories won and treasures earned by a random guy in the suburbs with a good job, a great wife, and the happy life.

As a just-starting-out kind of guy the blog is a bit sparse at the moment, but stick with me, here, people.  We’re just getting warmed up. 

What Does a Seagull Have to Do With All This?

In the early 1970s Richard Bach published a book about a seagull who turned its back on the day to day grind of life in the flock to pursue his true passion – the art of flight. After mastering both flight and himself, he returns to the flock to teach and guide other seagulls so that they too might leave the flock to pursue passions of their own. The book was a sensation, spending 38 weeks at the top of the New York Times bestseller list. It may not have aged well, but in its day it was a novel approach to the sort of inspirational self-help fiction that the Oprah Book of the Month Club takes for granted today.

This blog seeks to emulate Jonathan’s own journey by slowly breaking away from the flock, finding new avenues of satisfaction, and helping to guide others to turn their backs on the role society has tried to thrust upon them.

Thank you for being a part of the story.