War In The 15mm Vendee

Some shots of a recent battle between Vendeeans and the Parisian boys in Blue using Osprey’s En Garde!

The local National Guard – professional REMFs
meet the local boys, untrained but scrappy.

The action starts just as the National Guard attempts to close
down the local church.  The locals come out of their homes
to see what all the fuss is about.

The blue markers show who fired a musket and needs to
reload.  The cordon collapses around the Blues.

Split up, ill-led, and outnumbered, the training and muskets of
the Blues makes little difference.

Cut down to a man, they’ll have to be avenged by 
the Parisians.

The gems are the method I’ve used to play a very non-solo game alone.  Since I can’t fool myself as to ploys, I draw one bead from a bag for every Rank in the fight.  Red means attack, green means defend.  No need to out-think myself.  I can just post-hoc rationalize whatever results the laws of randomness give me.
The Vendee is a little outside the date range given in the rulebook.  It doesn’t make any difference for a small scale game like this.  You’ve got one shot black powder weapons and then close to melee.  On any table with sufficient terrain, and the bocage definitely counts, it works just fine with no changes.
You can watch the full battle played out in real time, right here: