Repetition and Redundancy

For those of you faithful readers who have been enjoying the fine vidya content that I’ve been throwing up all over the Tubes4You, allow me to explain-slash-justify something.

If it seems like there is a lot of overlap between content here for you dear reader, and there for the more video-inclined crowd, that’s because there is.  If you’re part of the overlap between readers and watchers, you are in some rarified company.  Most people prefer one or the other, and since the production of blog posts and videos takes considerably less time than the wargaming, it affords me the luxury of presenting my table in multiple formats.
It also is a defensive measure.  There are a lot of slash-and-burn the books types running around the internet these days, and rather than make myself vulnerable to the Great Cancelling, it makes a lot of sense to produce backup copies.  Having videos and blog posts about a given subject is just smart tactics.
You’re a wargamer.  You understand the wisdom of redundancy and backup plans.
Take what you want and leave the rest.