Dragon Rampant – Four Armies

Here they are – four full armies suitable for use with Dragon Rampant.

The Broman Empire

All of these figures come from Khurasan Miniatures, with the exception of the wolf-hounds, which come from a mix of manufacturers.  Lesser Warbeasts don’t really fit into the theme, but sometimes you need to fill that role, and they add a bit of variety.


Most of these guys come from Alternative Armies.  The cyclopean beast is an old…Ral Partha(?) sculpt, and his mate is a cheap plastic toy.  This is mostly a foot-based army, with just the big boys there to provide some heavy firepower.  The Summoner’s power can really help move otherwise recalcitrant units into position quickly, but once everything is on the table, his unit reverts to “just” an Elite Foot bodyguard.

There is an odd dichotomy to using this guy.  Since his high-priced unit can only take one action per turn, you really have some hard choices to make.  Every time you summon a unit, it means leaving a powerful melee unit standing there doing nothing.

Classic Demons

Anything vaguely demonic got dumped into this army.  Again, it’s a mix of figures, with – for the first time – a few Reaper Bones figures thrown into the mix.  The big beast on the back right is some kind of sewer monster, and the mixed bag of small demons on the right are scale appropriate figures.  The darker red ones are from some D&D pack, gargoyles if I recall correctly.  That little demon next to Lord HieroSkape is from the Demonworld line.

Dragon Lord and Minions

Finally, another collection of whatever is left over.  Splintered Light makes the proper pig-faced orcs and the frogmen.  The big ogres are from the Demonworld line, and the dragon is…old.  He has been in my collection long enough that I can’t remember where you might get one.  It looks like a late model Ral Partha D&D figure, but I can’t be entirely sure.

I’ve got a nomadic goblin army on the paint table at the moment.  It makes for a cheap entry, with only 21 mounted figures and six wolves to add some variety.  Once that’s done, I still have a Dark Elf army to build and paint.  That’s another mixed bag with a good variety of foot and mounted units, and will make a great pairing with the Broman Boys.