More Black Powder Eye Candy

Essex Miniatures on the runway today, modelling the finest turn of the century garb.  The 19th Century, that is.

We start with the French revolutionary Army in full getup.  My black powder wargaming includes the counter-revolution as well as Napoleonic, so I mix and m atch these guys with full-blown 1812 French. What are you going to do?

Likewise with the British, whose roles fill in everything from the French and Indian corner of the Seven Years War to Wellington himself.  These riflemen are probably too anachronistic for a table with tricorn-hatted fellas, but that won’t stop me.  I’ve already painted them with red coats, which violates the Law of Sharpe, so what’s one more sin against the Gospel of the Button Counters.

I did throw a green jacket on the leader as a sop to tradition though.  I’m not a complete savage.