Playing Injured

For those who don’t know, I recently suffered a pretty severe blow to my left eye.  My vision is pretty well shot, and depth perception is a thing of the past.

Which means no more painting little warriors until we get that fixed.  The eye is not a total loss – the drapes are hanging and the window is busted, but the nerves are good – and with some surgery and rest it may wind up better than before.  We have the technology.

Worse than no gaming is no lifting heavy things and putting them back down again.  My body is in full recovery mode, and man does that sting.  Everything feels fine, but we have to maintain our priorities.  Of course, I spent the last three years ignoring doctors’ (bought and paid for) orders, so might sneak in a light cheat day or two when they aren’t looking.  Don’t tell anyone.

In the meantime, things will be a little slower on the gaming and analysis front.  Mea culpa in advance.