Dungeon Design Training Wheels

This is an idea so brilliant, I wish I lacked the morals to claim it as my own.

The power of Appendix A never ceases to amaze. Give any reasonably intelligent kid a couple run throughs of the Dungeon of Rando Death to Randos, and they will assuredly start thinking, “But wait, what if instead,” or even better, “these tables don’t have.”

The system provides a solid structure to any delve with the right mix of traps, tricks, treasure – and just as importantly, empty space – to ease a n00b into the fine art. It also provides plenty of moments of inspiration for creation on the part of its user – and clear instructions for how and when to do so.

By freeing the imagination from the need to explain EVERYTHING, Appendix A gives new DMs the liberty to explain only what he is comfortable explaining. And over time the user’s desire to explain more and more for himself can advance at the pace he finds most comfortable.

Do the new D&D players in your life a favor, and encourage them to start thier DMing journey the easy way. Tell the to start the Appendix A way.