Hyde’s Reach: The Forces

Hellfire Campaigns

The northern nation on Hyde’s Reach is just a generation or two older than its rival, giving it a bit of a head start in the economic development department.  Add to that the extensive agricultural lands and relatively recent discovery of rich silver mines in a mountain valley down near its southern border, and you’ve got the makings of a wealthy nation run by Old Nobility.

The rougher terrain and relative youth of Austeregnum make for a tougher and more resilient people, but leave them a little behind in the economic race.  What they lack in resources, they make up for in a unified disdain for what they consider their foppish northern neighbors.

With its relative wealth, Septemtria can call up a larger force than its southern neighbor but due to a fractured political situation, wastes five days before beginning to mobilize for action.  At the start of hostilities, each nation possesses a single regiment of troops and a single air squadron of combat craft.  Additional units will come online 1d4 weeks later in each of the outlying cities shown on the map.

Let’s take a look at the military forces each of these nations can command.  But first, let’s discuss the general nature of military actions on this colony planet. The limited development and populations mean the armed forces of these two nations are smaller than you might expect.  These forces have been organized and purchased in accordance with the rules presented in Jim Webster’s Hellfire CampaignsThe main unit of maneuver is the Regiment, which consists of the following:

  • 3 battalions of infantry, each comprised of three companies
  • 1 company of tube artillery
  • 1 company of armor (either three heavy, four medium, or five light treaded tanks)
  • 1 company of military genarmes with an APC, for civilian interface
  • 1 support company of repair and logistics vehicles

Both of the belligerent nations also have a single squadron of aircraft, which can reach any point on the map in a single flight.  Each nation begins the conflict with one squadron of four 75-foot cutters located in their respective port cities.  Additional maneuver units are presented below.


In addition to the Hook First Regiment, which begins the campaign on active duty, Septemtria begin with the following:

  • One air squadron
  • One light air/recon squadron
  • One squadron of 75-foot cutters for riverine/lake action in Port Dunder

This nation can call up four more full regiments – one from each of the major cities.  They also have the ability to call up following:

  • One battalion of mechanized infantry in APCs (starts in either Hethwill City or Pilumopolis after 1d4 weeks)
  • One battalion of air cavalry/infantry will be ready for action in Captain Hook after 1d4 weeks
  • A second light air/recon squadron can be converted from civilian craft in 1d4 weeks
  • Three squadrons of four 50-foot cutters begin the game suited for action in Prostibulum Bay, but can be converted for river/lake action at a rate of one per week in Port Dunder


In addition to the Shevlinton First Regiment, which begins the campaign on active duty, the southerners begin with the following:

  • One air squadron
  • One Battalion of beast mounted cavalry (Frugford First)
  • One light air/recon squadron
  • One squadron of four 50-foot cutters for riverine/lake action (Lake Fluid)

This nation can call up three more full regiments – one from each of the three non-capitol cities.  As with theri rivals, these forces become available after 1d4 weeks, but subtract five days from each due to the advantage bought by being first to act.   They also have the following:

  • A second battalion of beast mounted cavalry (in Frugford after 1d4 weeks)
  • For every full week they hold the silver mine and have a clear supply line to Shevlinton they can loot the town’s treasury to purchase one of the following, which will only become available after a 1d4 weeks)
    • One battalion of leg infantry with technical transports in Blacktree
    • One squadron of four 50-foot cutters in Fluid Harbor
    • One battalion of beast mounted cavalry in Frugford
    • One Light air/recon squadron in the starport
    • One company of medium armor

The overall commander, Director of Defense, is a cagy bull of a general (Int49, Init53, Cou83, Cha81, Str91, Hea88) who is popular with both the men and the people of Austeregnum.