Give Me Land, Lots of Land…

…Preferably mineral rich land on an uninhabited planet.  If you can’t have that, the ‘mineral rich’ is more important than the ‘unihabited’.  At least for rapacious human colonists.  To that end I picked up more 12-inch square boards to build a modular terrain setup for some tabletop sci-fi action.  At the 10mm scale, a two or three foot square setup should do it.  With one board left at home, another eight should od the trick. 

[Note to self: Craft board 3mm thick is so thin it warps no matter how long you press it.  Also, it doesn’t work with the colony you built on 5mm thick craft board.  Back to the hardware store for me.]

In the meantime, here is the home base for the 10mm colonists and marines, built entirely out of found items.

For your inspiration, here’s a list of what became what:

  • The three small hab modules consist of 15mm tall plastic lids with the tops of dishwashing soap containers glued on top.
  • The top of the round two story building is likewise a dishsoap cap.  The middle (UFO-shaped) part of that building is an empty car freshener, and the base is two empty tape dispenser rolls. 
  • The garage is the plastic container for a printer ink cartridge capped with a superglue lid (smokestack) and toy dispender dome.  The radio dish and other machinery attached to the garage is parts from a cut up action figure assault rifle.
  • The security perimeter is disposable razor handles and more round caps from…long story short, they’re found items.
  • Windows and doors are cereal box cardboard, and cables are pieces of bamboo skewer.
  • The rocks are rocks.  Driveway gravel to be precise.  Sometimes you can’t beat nature. 
Small supply dump with drums and crates in
the lower right corner.
Tape dispenser, car air freshener, and dish
soap cap – space age building materials.